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Amari Hotels and Resorts is one of Thailand's most respected and largest hotel chains, with luxury four and five star properties of international standard, all with superb facilities. Amari Associate Hotels are smaller properties and excellent value for money. Baan Krating Resorts are charming boutique properties that are affiliated with Amari Hotels & Resorts and independently managed.


The hotly anticipated 169-key Amari Hotel is set to land in Colombo’s Kollupitiya commercial district in late 2020, adding another jewel to the crown of Sri Lanka’s bustling capital city.

Considering the country is known colloquially as Gem Island, it is perhaps no surprise that the hotel takes its cues from the captivating gemstones such as blue sapphires, pink padmaraja and red rubies that can be found on the island.

In both the hotel’s colour palette and its conception, these precious stones have proved a source of inspiration to designers FBEYE International, renowned for their carefully crafted hotel interiors.

Warren Foster-Brown, founder and Managing Director of FBEYE International, spoke of the firm’s philosophy, saying, “Our design ethos is always to blend local influences within a contemporary setting, allowing guests a unique perspective during their stay of their destination, for staff an inspirational space to work in, and an owner/operator that stands tall. Our profession is unique in what we do, so are our designs.”

Amari Hotels and Resorts is one of Thailand’s most respected hotel chains with two styles of properties:

Amari Hotels and Resorts -four star properties of an international standard with superb facilities Amari Associate Hotels – smaller properties representing excellent value for money

Throughout the year, there are many exciting promotions and events taking place at Amari hotels. This web site offer special promotions, which are specially priced and are book-able online instantly.

Competitive Room Rates

Each of our Amari Hotel properties that you book on this web site will offer special rates, often including breakfast or other attractive add-ons.

Food and Beverage

With over 30 restaurants serving many different cuisines, there is always something happening on the culinary front at Amari Hotels. On the pages of each hotel, you can see details of what’s cooking this month.

Festivals Thai people love to celebrate and there are many different festivals which take in all parts of the country. What better way to learn about the traditions of this country than to participate in one of the many festivals?

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